Rocks in a Pond

“If you will say what I say, one day you will throw a rock into a pond, and the ripples will wash up on the shores of every nation.”  

God spoke those words in a dream He gave me in 1992. Since that day, the entire purpose of this ministry has been to "say what God says" as revealed in his word.  Each of the articles listed below carry a powerful and much needed gospel message to tens of thousands each month. These are simply Rocks in a Pond. You can download and read each of these articles by clicking on the download link below each article title. Click HERE to return to HOME PAGE.


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When a Nation Provokes God - March 2024

The Proof of Who God Is - Feb 2024

What is Freedom from Sin? - Jan 2024

Israel ...War ...and Prophecy - Dec 2023

Resurrection - Nov 2023

Awake or Woke? - Oct 2023

The Return - Sept 2023

This Generation - August 2023

The Appointment - July 2023

What is Sin? - June 2023

The Lamb of God - May 2023

Jesus Saves - April 2023

Jesus the Same - March 2023

The Handwriting on the Wall - Feb 2023

Who is Righteous? - Jan 2023

Saying What God Says - Dec 2022

Five National Sins - Nov 2022

True Freedom - Oct 2022

Where is God? - Sept 2022

Jesus is Christ 2 - August 2022

Strongholds - Nov 2022

I Will Restore Your Judges - Sept 2022

Jesus is the Christ - July 2022

Strange Fire - May 2022

Obedient Children - March 2022

What is Faith - Jan 2022

God's Olive Tree - Dec 2021

The Reality of a Believer - Nov 2021

Christ! ...or Antichrist? - Oct 2021

A More Sure Word of Prophecy - Sept 2021

Why Grace is Given - August 2021

Why Christ Died - June 2021

Religious, but Lost - May 2021

This Generation - April 2021

A Conspiracy of Darkness - Mar 2021

When God Cleanses His Church - Jan 2021

The Meek and Lowly Jesus - Dec 2020

Visions from the Lord - Nov 2020

Just Say What God Says - Oct 2020

Are Christians Also Sinners? - Sept 2020

The Lord Jesus Christ - August 2020

New Covenant Justification - June/July 2020

The Reality of the Believer - May 2020

If I were the Devil - April 2020

The Grace of Christ-Mar 2020

The Doctrine of Christ-Jan 2020

Those who know God - Dec 2019

AMERICA: Weighed in the Balance - Nov-2019

Afterward! - October 2019

Our Debt - September 2019

The Fool - August 2019

Young Saul of Tarsus - June 2019

Did God Want Animal Sacrifices? - May 2019

Passover and Pentecost - April 2019

Comforting Sinners - March 2019

The Record God Gave - Feb 2019

They Cannot Cease From Sin-January 2019

Satan's Strongholds-December 2018

Sinners in Zion-November 2018

The Sound from Heaven-October 2018

Born of God-September 2018

The Man of Sin Revealed-August 2018

The Gospel Case for the KJV-July 2018

The End of Sin June-2018

Pentecost Lost May-2018

The Challenge April-2018

The Battle is Over March-2018

A Salvation Worth Boasting About Feb-2018

The Rock, the Key, and the Weapon Jan-2018

The Coming Reformation Dec-2017

The True Report Nov-2017

What is a Christian? Oct-2017

The Faith that Turned the World Upside Down Sept-2017

What do You Believe? Aug-2017

Safe in the Fold July 2017

Intervention June 2017

God's Justice May 2017

Unmerited Favor April 2017

Antichrist in the Church March 2017

Forgiven or Free Feb 2017

Make America Righteous Again Jan-2017

Loving Jesus; Rejecting Christ Nov-2016

The Proof Oct-2016

Why Christ Died Sept-2016

The Only Answer Aug-2016

Pornography in the Church July-2016

America's Five Sins June-2016

Should We Keep the Feast Days May-2016

Say What God Says April-2016

Great Tribulation March 2016

God's Witnesses Feb-2016

The Great Shaking Jan-2016

The Gift of God Dec-2015

How We Lost America August 2015

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